Save up to 70% on our refurbished laptops. Following a professional refurbishment, a laptop will operate and look exactly like a factory-new one.

We collect and purchase opened but unused laptops as well as slightly used but professionally updated, repaired if needed and triple-checked for quality response, speed and optimal performance.

Save hundreds of pounds for the highest quality equipment and no one needs to know that you didn't pay for the privilege of opening the factory-fresh packaging.

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Device condition and quality:

Laptopsunder200 is a sister company of OWR one of the world largest event technology and rental companies. 

We have a huge numbers of corporate partners, leasing companies and banks who sell us enterprise and business laptops, ex rental devices or 14 day customer returns we buy thousands of devices each month. As well as selling to trade in bulk, Laptops200 provide some product lines direct to public at incredible prices.

Often these devices are in as new condition or refurbished to original pristine condition.

When you buy a pre owned laptop from us you can be certain that you’re getting a great laptop at wholesale price.


Grade AA


A+ : Flawless

  • Minimal small blemishes or imperfections possible on surfaces (max 2 surface areas)
  • Fully Remanufactured
  • 100% OEM parts
  • No dings or blemishes on any surfaces
  • No dents, chips or cracks


Grade A

A: Light Use

  • Light scratches or imperfections allowed
  • No dings permitted
  • No chips or cracks
Grade B


B: Normal Wear & Tear

  • Multiple scratches possible on all surfaces
  • No cracks or chips allowed on glass surfaces
  • Minor dings on frame are possible
  • Full working condition


Grade C

C: Heavy use

  • Unlimited scratches on all surfaces, including deep
  • lifted or warped glass allowed
  • Still in full working condition