Looking for a Laptops For Office? Here's a Quick Guide to Help You Choose the Best One

There are different types of laptops for office use that vary in size, cost, performance and capabilities. Generally speaking, a small sized laptop is very convenient in offices, making low weight a non issue as well.

Most small sized laptops, normally range from seven to ten inches in size, are also suitable for these roles, as they enhance productivity in the office environment. If you are thinking about buying one of these devices, then I will advise you to first do some research on the net, as this will help you find out which specifications are most suitable for your requirements. .

Once you have done this, go and search for a retail store selling these devices, as these usually have an online website, where you can shop for the device of your choice. This way you will be able to compare the price, specifications and features of the various models, as well as getting them at a much lower rate.

Consider device for you

The first criteria that you will need to consider while looking for the ideal device for you, are its price and the specification. To start with, let us look at the price. As we all know, prices of laptops vary depending on the features that they offer and the brand that they belong to. When it comes to choosing a laptop for your office work, make sure to pay close attention to its price tag, as it will determine the type that you can get. For example, if the laptop costs $700, then you should not settle for a lower quality device, as it will only prove to be a waste of money. However, if you do so, then you will have to compromise with the other factors, as your decision will be based on practicality and not on the label.

Consider the Model

Secondly, let us look at the different models that are available in the market. As you may already know, laptops are divided into several categories, such as the ones based on the processor speed, the RAM, the hard drive and the screen size. There are many categories, such as the business laptops that are specially designed for businesses. They are often packed with lots of useful features, such as high resolution, fast processors, etc. In contrast, the personal laptops are meant for the users who want to use them for their personal needs, such as e-mails, browsing and entertainment purposes.

These days, there are also several brands that manufacture both the personal and business laptops. For example, Dell has both the categories, such as the Latitude E notebooks and the Precision notebooks. Other manufacturers include Fujitsu, Toshiba and others. The point is that you can easily find the kind of laptop that will meet your requirements. So, when making your decision, ensure to consider the specification, price and any other specifications that will help you make a better decision.

Consider RAM

Another factor that you should consider is the RAM of the laptop. Notebooks usually have six to eight GB of RAM. However, if you are using the laptop for office use, you will require an almost constant amount of RAM so that your applications do not freeze up. The best options for office use are the quad core i7 or even an AMD FX processor. Depending on your need, you can get a laptop with various amounts of RAM.


The next thing that you will need to check is the hard drive of the laptop. Note that most of these laptops have one or two gigabytes of RAM and this means that you will have plenty of space for a large number of files. However, it is advisable to go for a larger hard drive if you want to store large graphics or multimedia files. Check out the spec sheets carefully so that you know the maximum amount of memory your laptop can support. Similarly, the disk drive also comes in the form of either HDD or SSD, which are the latest technology available in this field.

Consider the Laptop’s Processing Unit

The final specification that you should check is the laptop's processing unit. The processing unit of a laptop plays a major role in delivering excellent graphic performance. The fact is that the better the processor is, the faster the video will play and the less noise it will make. As compared to other types of laptops, Asus models have generally strong processors. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable laptop, then the Asus models with the i5 or i7 processing units will be great choices.

When it comes to wireless internet connectivity, there are numerous laptop models available with Wi-Fi that can work very well. In terms of battery life, the battery life of an average Asus laptop is average at around four hours of use. Other features of the laptops that you should consider include the memory size, screen size and battery life.

The Best Laptops For Office Use

laptops for office use

If you are someone who is very serious with his work at home business or someone who just wants to make sure that he can keep up to date with the latest technology trends then you should definitely consider buying laptops for office. The market for them has become much more developed these days than what it was several years back. This is good news for consumers as it means that there are many different models from many different laptop manufacturers out there to choose from. You might think that it can be very confusing to figure out which laptop is the best for you but this is absolutely not true. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Tip: Do not get confused between Microsoft Office and Mac Office. There is a separate article for this which you can easily read at the website linked below. Top 9 Laptops For Office Use in 2020


Lenovo ThinkPad T300s.

Number Five - One of the most advanced laptop brands out there is the Lenovo ThinkPad T300s. It runs a version of Windows 7 Ultimate under the hood and comes with a full QWERTY keyboard. It has all the features that you would expect from a good ultrasonic laptop keyboard and also runs on an updated 2.2 GHz dual core Intel "Celeron" CPU. The screen is quite large too with a high definition screen and a resolution of 13 inches. The battery life on this model is five hours so if you plan to do a lot of office work during the day this is definitely one to consider.

Dell Latitude Ecosystem

Number Four - The last on our list is the Dell Latitude Ecosystem. It is another powerful compact laptop. It runs Windows Vista Home Edition under the hood with a full sized keyboard. It has two USB ports, an audio port as well as a FireWire port. With a battery life of six hours, it is not too surprising that this runs on an Intel "Core" processor.

The HP pavilion notebook

Number Three - The HP pavilion notebook is the third best laptops for office work that we have tested. It is powered by an Intel "Celeron" Processor and uses a full sized keyboard with a nice, wide, touch-sensitive display. It has a nine-hour battery life and despite being a little on the heavy side, it does not sacrifice the quality of battery life.

Apple MacBook Air

Number Two - If you were to look at the Apple MacBook Air it would definitely come in at number two on our list. It is almost certainly the lightest of all laptops in its class, which makes it perfect for anyone who does a lot of office use. The weight of the MacBook Air is 3.6 pounds, just a little bit over the Sony VAio Convertible's weight but far lighter than the Toshiba Satellite. If you are going to be typing a lot of documents or working on your desktop a lot then the MacBook Air is definitely the one for you.

Sony VAio convertible

Number Four - The Sony VAio convertible. This is probably the best option if you want a convertible laptop that can work both as a desktop and also as an "in ground" laptop. It is powered by an Intel "Core" processor and also uses a full sized keyboard with a nice wide, touch sensitive screen. It has a nine-hour battery life, which is great given the fact that it will get you through most of the day without having to be plugged in. If you need an all around good laptop for office work the Sony VAio convertible is the one to go with.